Eight Great Modular Homes Under $75k (2024)

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If you’re looking to build a modular home, chances are you’re on a very tight budget, whether the house will become an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) or simply a little retreat just for you.

Ideally, you’d prefer to buy a prefab home for under $100k, even under $75k. But are there homes that suit your budget?

The answer is yes. Here are the best prefab homes under $75k:

  • The Montauk by Tiny Hamptons Homes
  • The Limited by Uncharted Tiny Homes
  • The Mohican by Modern Tiny Living
  • Model C by Wolf Industries
  • The Sprout by Mustard Seed Tiny Homes
  • Jasmine by Hummingbird Tiny Housing
  • Weston by Tiny House Building Company
  • Vista by Escape Traveler
  • Traveler by Escape Traveller

This guide to modular homes for less than $75,000 will cover these fascinating houses in detail, including exact pricing and features.

Keep reading to learn more.

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The Montauk by Tiny Hampton Homes

Have you always wished you could have a home like those you see at the Hamptons but on a much smaller scale?

If so, the Montauk by Tiny Hampton Homes is the house for you.

Eight Great Modular Homes Under $75k (2)

The Company

Tiny Hampton Homes was founded by the husband and wife team of Matt and Jessica Dunkirk.

Their Southampton, New York-based business was established in 2016. The company’s custom tiny homes have that Hamptons luxury feel but without the massive price tag.

The House

The Montauk starts at $65,000, which is a lot more affordable than the rest of the real estate in the Hamptons proper.

At 292 square feet (27.13 square meters), this modular home is certainly cozy. Its 88-foot (26.82-meter) loft is adorable and the perfect place to wind down after a long day.

The airy and open design that mimics Montauk, New York homes makes the near 300 square feet (27.87 square meters) feel like almost twice that.

Eight Great Modular Homes Under $75k (3)

Dripping in poshness, the home features large windows for plenty of sunlight, a 3×4 shower with a rain shower head, a walk-in closet that hides a washer and dryer, stainless steel appliances, a marble kitchen backsplash, quartz counters, and bamboo floors.

The Limited by Uncharted Tiny Homes

Although it doesn’t boast the Montauk’s level of luxury, the Limited by Uncharted Tiny Homes will undoubtedly impress your guests when they walk through the first time.

The Company

Uncharted Tiny Homes in Phoenix, Arizona, has been in the prefab home-building game for more than a decade. Its team is also remodeling experts.

Eight Great Modular Homes Under $75k (4)

When constructing a home, the Uncharted team builds it to last. Weatherproofed and durable, its breed of homes have a timeless appeal and a very reasonable price tag.

The House

The single-bedroom, single-bathroom home known as the Limited may be the smallest of all of Uncharted’s offerings, but this home’s got style.

The 200 square feet (18.58 square meters) include an eight-foot living room.

Eight Great Modular Homes Under $75k (5)

The galley kitchen is cozy and inviting for cooking intimate meals.

A full bathroom, although not large, lets you enjoy everyday comfort. A sleeping loft is above the bathroom and kitchen for your sweetest dreams yet.

The Limited costs $70,000.

The Mohican by Modern Tiny Living

How about a home on wheels?

The Mohican by Modern Tiny Living will grant you the freedom to go where ever your heart takes you!

Eight Great Modular Homes Under $75k (6)

The Company

Ohio State University students Daniel, Robbie, and Trent put their heads together and decided to make tiny homes for the masses. Thus, Modern Tiny Living was born.

Featured on HGTV, The Today Show, and elsewhere, Modern Tiny Living has certainly made a big splash!

The House

The Mohican was the house that got Modern Tiny Living showcased on HGTV’s Journey to the Tiny House Jamboree.

VacationIdea.com even called it one of the best 25 tiny homes in the United States.

The house is 20 feet by 8.5 feet of pine and steel.

The floors are luxury vinyl planking, the hardware is appealing brushed nickel, and the kitchen features butcher block brown maple cabinetry.

Eight Great Modular Homes Under $75k (7)

Sleep in a sizable king loft and cook in a kitchen with a fridge, three-burner propane cooktop, and a 32-inch steel sink.

The bathroom has custom sliding barn doors with floating shelves, a composting toilet, and a fiberglass shower.

The Mohican features ductless mini-split and closed-cell spray foam insulation for eco-friendliness, and the custom-built staircase includes hidden storage.

The Mohican starts at $62,000.

Model C by Wolf Industries

Eight Great Modular Homes Under $75k (8)

At 400 square feet (37.16 square meters), the Model C by Wolf Industries is larger than many of the other prefab homes we’ve discussed in this series, even those that cost over $100,000!

The Company

ADU and small modular home expert Wolf Industries produce homes between 300 and 615 square feet (27.87 and 57.14 square meters).

It serves many states in the western US, including Utah, Idaho, California, Oregon, and Washington.

The House

The Model C is 10 feet by 40 feet, permit-ready, and ADA-compliant.

With optional storage lofts, a spacious living room, granite countertops, and vaulted ceilings, it’s no wonder this is the most popular modular home Wolf Industries offers!

Eight Great Modular Homes Under $75k (9)

You can fit your own king-sized bed for one to two people in this house, and a tankless water heater will keep your hot water flowing.

The Model C is very affordable too, as it starts at $69,900.

The Sprout by Mustard Seed Tiny Homes

A gorgeous home that will make any neighbors jealous, the Sprout by Mustard Seed Tiny Homes is energy-efficient to boot!

Eight Great Modular Homes Under $75k (10)

The Company

Atlanta, Georgia’s own Mustard Seed Tiny Homes has a motto: “big change starts small.”

The company takes a cut of the profits and applies it towards those with housing need issues through the nonprofit Ground Zero Grace for every modular home it sells.

Now that’s a purchase you can feel good about!

The House

Proving that looks aren’t everything, the Sprout is built for durability with metal rooking, plywood sheathing, and kiln-dried dimensional lumber framing.

Eight Great Modular Homes Under $75k (11)

As promised, this home is eco-friendly, as the Sprout features a ductless mini-split, Low-E double-paned windows, and insulation by Roxul.

The Sprout includes a toilet, ceramic sink, and fiberglass shower in the bathroom.

Laminate counters, custom cabinetry, and a fridge and sink combo are the main attractions in the kitchen, which comes with a two-burner stovetop.

The Sprout starts at $74,000, falling right within your budget.

Jasmine by Hummingbird Tiny Homes

If you’re still weighing your options, the Jasmine by Hummingbird Tiny Homes is certainly a modular home to strongly consider.

Eight Great Modular Homes Under $75k (12)

The Company

Hummingbird Tiny Homes was founded at a time when tiny homes weren’t as popular in the southeastern US. But, through its efforts, that soon changed.

Based in Danville, Georgia, the team at Hummingbird has nearly 40 years of collective experience in custom home design.

What’s cool about this company is that the founders and team all live in tiny homes too!

The House

The Jasmine is a 350-square-foot (32.52-square-meter) house retailing for $73,500.

The home is roughly 13 feet (3.96 meters) high, eight feet wide (2.44 meters), and 30 feet (9.14 meters) long.

Eight Great Modular Homes Under $75k (13)

The bathroom features a European-inspired shower and a washer and dryer combo for convenient laundry.

The kitchen boasts a U-shaped dinette and countertop for preparing and enjoying food.

The living room features built-in seating, and there’s even an electric fireplace!

Weston by Tiny House Building Company

A small trailer house for those on an equally small budget, the Weston by Tiny House Building Company could make a fantastic modular home or ADU.

Eight Great Modular Homes Under $75k (14)

The Company

Fredericksburg, Virginia’s Tiny House Building Company adds custom features to all its tiny prefab homes, from storage to composting toilets.

The range of modular home models on wheels they offer is sure to astound.

The House

The Weston is a standout among Tiny House Building Company’s huge inventory.

Proving that this company lives up to its name, the Weston measures 8.5 feet wide by 18 feet long.

Even still, the home is jam-packed with everyday amenities, such as a washer/dryer combo, a tankless water heater, ceiling fans, and storage closets.

Eight Great Modular Homes Under $75k (15)

The bedroom includes a king-sized loft with a privacy knee wall and storage stairs.

In the bathroom, you’ll find a vanity, sink, subway-tiled shower, and a dry-flush toilet.

A kitchen fully equipped with a microwave, fridge, propane oven and stove, copper sink, and appealing counters allow you to enjoy more quality time.

The home also includes a solar panel system that generates 2,000 watts.

The Weston starts at $71,630.

Vista by Escape Traveler

Would you like to escape the confines of where you’re living and downsize to a tiny prefab home?

Well, the Vista by Escape Traveler could be your chance.

Eight Great Modular Homes Under $75k (16)

The Company

For nearly 30 years, the team behind Escape Traveler has designed its own tiny homes.

In 2014, it came together to start an official business, building homes to withstand hot and cold climates alike, including weather extremes like severe snow.

The House

The Vista is a 21-foot (6.4-meter) home that’s approximately nine feet tall by 8.5 feet wide.

A tiny 175 square feet (16.23 square meters), the Vista has sleeping quarters designated for a queen or king-sized bed, a generous living area, a full bathroom, and a kitchen with an induction range, fridge, and sink.

Eight Great Modular Homes Under $75k (17)

You can even add a pop-up TV in the bedroom or a washer/dryer hookup in the bathroom. The home costs $56,778.

Traveler by Escape Traveller

Are you looking for a tiny modular home that’s build to last? If so, the Traveler by Escape Traveller coule be your best option.

The Company

Escape Traveller has been designing and building award-winning tiny homes for over 25 years.

What sets this company apart is that it designs its homes to let in as much light as possible. Therefore, you can’t expect its tiny homes to be dark and cramped.

Its units are hand-crafted in a RVIA-inspected plant to ensure they can withstand extreme climates including brutral cold, heavy snow, and snearing heat.

The House

The Traveler is a tiny that can accommodate up to 2 people.

It features a loft, a bathroom, a kitchen, and is rollable on wheels.

The house measures 269 square feet (24.99 square meters) with its first floor measuring 180 square feet (16.72 square meters) and 89 square feet (8.27 square feet) lofts.

Other features that make this tiny modular home worth your money include:

  • A full kitchen
  • Panaromic windows
  • A large first floor bedroom
  • A washer
  • Plenty of storage space
  • LED lighting and offgrid options
  • Full climate control

Its price starts at $74,750.


Finding the perfect modular home under $75k doesn’t have to be impossible.

As the collection of homes we highlighted here proves, you can live in luxury and style even if your home is under 500 square feet (46.45 square meters)!

If you’re interested in checking out more modular homes under different price ranges, we also have articles onunder $150,000,under $100,000, andunder $50,000too!

Eight Great Modular Homes Under $75k (2024)


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