Who made the All-Bay County high school football teams? (2024)

Banji BamidelePanama City News Herald

Bay County is filled with talented high school football players and teams who shined this past season.

Bozeman led the way with an undefeated regular season and a program and county-best 12-1 record. The Bucks, along with Mosley, reached the state playoffs.

Here's who county coaches and the News-Herald are honoring as all-county players for the 2023 season.

Offensive Player of the Year: Peyton Gay, Bozeman

Constantly overlooked Bozeman quarterback Peyton Gay aimed to cement his name in the Bay County history books and he did so efficiently.

The 5-foot-11 senior threw for 2,665 yards and 35 touchdowns to just nine interceptions. He added 777 yards and five scores on the ground.

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"This year we had chemistry where I trust you, you trust me and we got the job done," Gay said. "My mindset was different this year and I had something to prove."

Gay said after battling a rare knee injury as a junior, an avulsion fracture of the tibial tuberosity, he came back fearless, with nothing to lose and everything to gain.

One shining moment came in a 25-24 thriller over Chipley. Gay led the way with two touchdowns and set up kicker Chance Jenkins for the game-winning field goal.

"We broke their 11-game home win streak and that win made us a dominant team to beat," Gay said. "I thrive under pressure and with the game on the line I make plays."

Defensive Player of the Year: Trevor Oswald, Bozeman

Trevor Oswald is the epitome of consistency from the linebacker position. In his junior season, Oswald totaled 111 tackles and nine tackles for los. He followed it up his senior year with 180 tackles, five sacks and 18 TFL's.

"I have always had great coaching, who taught me what to do, how to do it and how to do it good," Oswald said. "I am selfless and like to set stuff up for other people so they can get the hit."

The senior credits offseason weightlifting as a major part of what makes him different. Oswald is a state-champion weightlifter with a max bench of 355 pounds and a clean and jerk of 330.

Oswald said he knew the matchup against Chipley was a turning point for the season because the defense answered when called upon and was able to get stops against a tough opponent.

1st Team All County
Offensive LinemanTreven Sweat (Jr)Cameron Colvin (Jr)Quentin Baker (Jr)Ryan Bailey (Jr)Ty Oates (Sr)Kam D’niroux (Jr)Bozeman High SchoolMosley High SchoolMosley High SchoolNorth Bay HavenRutherford High SchoolNorth Bay Haven
Receivers/Tight EndsJavar Bowden (So)Koloten McClelland (So)Wy’Kien Waters (Jr)Quantae Spencer (Sr)Bay High SchoolBozeman High SchoolRutherford High SchoolNorth Bay Haven
Running BacksChance Jenkins (Sr)Jaicari Brown (Sr)Bozeman High SchoolRutherford High School
QuarterbacksPeyton Gay (Sr)Bozeman High School
Athlete (Offensive)Jack Massey (Jr)Lakota Johnson (Jr)Trevor Bowman (Sr)Mosley High SchoolNorth Bay HavenBay High School
Defensive LinemanWill King (Jr)Emmanuel Spurlock (Jr)Raeden Bruens (Jr)Cedric Andrews (Sr)Bozeman High SchoolNorth Bay HavenMosley High SchoolRutheford High School
LinebackerTrevor Oswald (Sr)Wyatt Flemming (So)Jayden Spurlock (Jr)Gabe Rana (Sr)Bozeman High SchoolMosley High SchoolNorth Bay HavenBozeman High School
Defensive BacksCavarious Manley (Jr)Brent Anderson (Jr)Cam Keys (Sr)Jevon Hamilton (Sr)TJ Davis (So)Bay High SchoolBozeman High SchoolMosley High SchoolRutherford High SchoolBay High School
Athlete (Defensive)Collin Miller (Sr)Roman Holmes (Jr)Willie Holley (Sr)Bozeman High SchoolRutherford High SchoolNorth Bay Haven
PlacekickerStone Hatton (Sr)Arnold High School
PunterCole Mclean (Sr)Mosley High School
2nd Team All County
Offensive LinemanAsher Burris (So)Elijah McLemore (Sr)Xion Miller (So)Eric Jones (So)Logan McAlister (Jr)Bozeman High SchoolBozeman High SchoolBay High SchoolRutherford High SchoolMosley High School
Receivers/Tight EndsJohn Hanson (So)Landon Summers (Jr)Omari Johnson (So)Adam Land (So)Bozeman High SchoolNorth Bay HavenBay High SchoolMosley High School
Running BacksCaleb Toombs (Jr)Ja’vyonn Waters (Sr)Bay High SchoolRutherford High School
QuarterbacksSammy Freitas (Jr)Mosley High School
Athlete (Offensive)Jevon Hamilton (Sr)Ken Pate (So)Carson Griffin (So)Rutherford High SchoolBay High SchoolMosley High School
Defensive LinemanAubrey Campbell (Sr)Matt Tew (Sr)Goose Sorensen (SR)Aiden Harper (Jr)Jayden Richardson (Sr)North Bay HavenBozeman High SchoolBozeman High SchoolBozeman High SchoolRutherford High School
LinebackerStephen Orr (Sr)Ardarien Bryant (Jr)Kalib Williams (Jr)Bear Bryant Siegal (So)Bozeman High SchoolBay High SchoolNorth Bay HavenNorth Bay Haven
Defensive BacksEvan Pickford (Jr)Roshawn Taylor (So)Ja’vyonn Waters (Sr)Landon Hawthorne (Jr)North Bay HavenRutherford High SchoolRutherford High SchoolMosley High School
Athlete (Defensive)Deondre McDonald (So)Jay Hall (Jr)Mac Jones (So)Bay High SchoolBay High SchoolArnold High School
PlacekickerJosh Harris (Sr)Mosley High School
PunterThomas Sale (So)Bay High School
All County Honorable Mentions
Offensive LinemanJacoby Smith (Jr)Camden Hurt (So)Elijah Horton (Jr)Tyler Murzyn (So)Trenten Albright (Jr)Bay High SchoolBay High SchoolNorth Bay HavenNorth Bay HavenBozeman High School
Receivers/Tight EndsLebarron Black (Jr)Mosley High School
QuarterbacksZay Morgan (So)Jason Havens (Jr)Bay High SchoolRutherford High School
Athlete (Offensive)
Defensive LinemanChaz’ton Scott (JR)Jaylen Arline (Sr)Savaugn Harris-Mordhorst (Sr)Rutherford High SchoolBay High SchoolBay High School
LinebackerZach Roper (Jr)Kevin Gibbens (Sr)Ethan Poplin (Sr)Bay High SchoolBozeman High SchoolMosley High School
Defensive BacksDa'kaida Bell (So)Ty'wuan Carter (Sr)Bay High SchoolBay High School
PlacekickerMoises Cancino (Fr)North Bay Haven

Banji Bamidele is a sports reporter for the Panama City News Herald. He can be reached at abamidele@gannett.com or through X, formerly known as Twitter, @AdebanjiBamide1.

Who made the All-Bay County high school football teams? (2024)


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