Bama Busted Calhoun County (2024)

1. Inmate Roster - Calhoun County Sheriff's Office

  • Jail · Warrants · Most Wanted · Worthless Checks

  • Inmate Roster

2. Jail - Calhoun County Sheriff's Office

  • As always if you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact the jail captain. Sheriff Matthew Wade 400 West 8th Street Anniston, Alabama 36201 (256)- ...

  • Jail The mission of the Calhoun County Jail is to provide a safe and secure confinement of those persons committed to the custody of the jail, and to ensure that all inmates are treated in accordance with the established laws of the United States of America and the State of Alabama. The Calhoun County Jail is […]

3. Calhoun County Busted Mugshots

4. Eight Members of a Calhoun County-based Methamphetamine ...

  • 2 aug 2022 · BIRMINGHAM – An indictment charging 12 defendants in a methamphetamine trafficking conspiracy based in Calhoun County was unsealed today, ...

  • BIRMINGHAM – An indictment charging 12 defendants in a methamphetamine trafficking conspiracy based in Calhoun County was unsealed today, announced U.S. Attorney Prim F. Escalona, Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent in Charge Brad L. Byerley, and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Special Agent in Charge Mickey French. Eight of the defendants were arrested today, and the four remaining defendants were already in custody on state offenses.

5. Cleburne County Jail - Inmates

  • Holds: Calhoun County SO. Charges (4):, Bonds: Felony Attempting to Elude, 2500. REC STOLEN PROPERTY 1ST, 7500. RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT, 1000. receiving stolen ...

6. Inmate Roster - Released Inmates Booking Date Descending

  • Clair County. Ashville: 205-594-3333. Pell City: 205-884-3333. Map showing St. Clair County location within the state of Alabama. Alabama. Submit a Crime Tip ...

  • Ashville Phone: 205-594-2140 | 205-594-3333 (24 hours) | Fax: 205-594-2146 •  Pell City Phone: 205-884-6840 | 205-884-3333 (24 hours) | Fax: 205-884-6846

7. Calhoun County Alabama

  • Calhoun County GIS Systems · County Landfill · Revenue Commission... · News

  • Calhoun County, Alabama, Northeast Alabama, Home Page, County Government

8. Alabama Crime News -

  • Alabama man pleads guilty to operating large dogfighting ring in Monroe County ... Richard Michael Maybach is being held in the Calhoun Jail on a fugitive from ...

  • Get Crime news and statistics, see photos and videos from

9. Community / Welcome to Calhoun County!

  • (For information on Calhoun County, Alabama click the image above). 4400 McClellan Blvd. Anniston, AL 36206. Phone: (256) 741-7400. Fax: (256) 237-5332.

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10. Escambia County Jail View - Florida Inmate Search

  • County inmate search in Florida. Alachua · Bradford · Brevard · Broward · Calhoun · Charlotte · Citrus · Clay · Collier · Columbia · DeSoto · Duval · Escambia ...

  • Escambia County inmate search system online, locate Escambia County inmates by jail view.

Bama Busted Calhoun County (2024)


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